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Mini Survival Tin - Pocket-sized tin, loaded with an impressive amount of outdoor survival essentials. UK-made.

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Add a small plastic bag and you can then collect water and add your purification tablet for safe drinking water. First aid is self-explanatory. Although it is impossible to put any meaningful first aid items in the tin, they can help boost morale and increase comfort. Interesting that a few of you have commented on adding items for repairs. I think a repair kit for an extended journey is a must. It’s amazing what can be achieved with duct tape! One important thing to remember about water is that its survival functions often comes in two phases: collection and purification. The second factor is actually the easiest to plan for in this instance. The obvious method is boiling the water. Considering you will likely have one or more methods of starting a fire, this is a safe bet–though this requires some type of inflammable material, maybe an aluminum foil boil. If nothing else, you can always use one of the various types of water purification tablets. The goal is to store as many “useful” items in the tin as possible. The keyword there is “useful.” One of the biggest issues with pre-made Altoid survival tins is that they cram as many items in as possible, even if they aren’t all super useful or aren’t as useful compared to other items. As an example, why store 3-5 bandages when you can put one large piece of medical tape in there instead?

Good to hear you enjoyed the article. You’re right – dental floss is good stuff! An small awl is indeed a good idea for a repair kit. Steve, these are a bit more specialist and knowing you I suspect may have seen them before: a handy item for a serious repair kit is the Speedystitcher Sewing Awl. In fact many items have dual uses. Essential in any survival situation. This paracord, for example, is not only cordage, but fishing line and fire tinder as well. With adult supervision, everyone should use a lighter to melt the end so their cord doesn’t fray. They should be really careful as the melted cord will be hot (and they should avoid breathing in fumes too).That being said, if worse comes to worse and you feel like adding additional redundancies to some of the other categories on this list to your Altoids survival tin, you can always rest easy simply remembering that fire is the first nighttime light source. As such, despite how convenient an artificial light source may be it is not irreplaceable. A survival bag is a large plastic bag, big enough for at least one person to get into, for use as an emergency shelter or part of a hypothermia wrap. You can cut open two of the three sides and make the bag into a single sheet. This can then be used as a tarp or a lean-to. A large polythene sheet is also an effective way of collecting rain water. Survival bags are typically bright orange so they are visible from afar and easily seen by searchers/rescuers. Not really one for Survival tins… But when I saw what you guys were working on I instantly had to have one! Wasn’t disappointed, every single item in the kit has a purpose!! Can’t wait to really put it to the test… Band-aids. A great idea is to place a few band-aids in your tin. What makes band aids the ideal option is because of their superior quality when compared to other adhesives. Carry around three or four large ones with one or two small band aids. I also carry a emergency fishing kit but some of the kit is slightly different. The line I use is waxed braid instead of nylon due to smaller diameter increased strength and better wear resistance.

I had an excellent weekend on the 3 day survival course. Lots of information and guidance from the highly knowledgeable instructors. Hard work but I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in any outdoor activities”. Your survival kit should include a survival mirror. I’ve epoxied a Swedish Firesteel to one side of my mirror, a magnesium rod to the other side and a diamond knife/fish hook sharpener to the bottom. The mirror is on a lanyard with my Tanto combo blade folding knife and a high intensity whistle with a small Suunto urethane’d to it. Simply integrating a number of essential tools together. Some of the versatile items could include the aforementioned aluminum foil. If you can, you should carry around one to two feet of aluminum foil. Nylon string is also an effective and versatile item. Aside from being used for sewing clothing or yourself, it can also be used for constructing shelter without taking nearly as much space as paracord. Conclusion You don't necessarily need huge amounts - one small 'hank' of paracord of 10 feet it's quite cheap as well.

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Invaluable for a multitude of tasks from bow-drilling to making improvised snow-shoes, you should always have a hank of paracord with you. Genuine 550-lb breaking strain paracord has a number of internal strands that can be stripped out and used for tasks such as sewing repairs or making a fishing line.

ager going out overnight fishing or just staying around local lakes and rivers was a great experience, which i understood, have to be repeated. I must say your blog and videos helping me a lot to catch up. I do have a SAS Lofty Wiseman’s book and obviously i am going through same path you had, building a survival kits. I do like the concept of a survival kit, but it is always about efficiency, space, weight and as you said abt replicating items in a main gear and survival kit is also bugging me.lol. Hi paul, I have one of my personal survival kits actually inside a 2″ waist belt that I made. It has a zipped compartment 3/4 the way round the inside with all the items in small resealable bags, a modular system. Having it on my trousers means that if I’ve forgotten it then there’s something very wrong.! A lot of pre made survival tins do not include a fire steel, but it is essential and I would always add one to your tin.Thanks for your comment and for the link regarding Cryptosporidium. I should update this article at some stage, with new photos too. Everyone should chat about how they’d use their mirror – who would they signal to? How would they make a message? There are a couple of techniques I teach for obtaining water from snow when you don’t have a metal cup or pot. I’m sure you know them but there are here on my YouTube channel: Generating Water In The Frozen North You’ll need enough small tins for everyone to have one ­– about 10cm square is about the right size. People could bring their own from home if they have something they’re happy to repurpose. Otherwise, you should be able to find them fairly cheaply online (or as sweet tins in a shop). just one point re the fishing gear, I would swap out the mono for braid, use 60lb and its as thin and can be used for binding, whipping and repairs, the safety pins in your med kit can be whipped onto a fishing pole as eyelets, if you have a small amout of light nylon you can use this with flies that could replace some of your jiggers and jelly worms, flies like “buzzers” can be used alone or baited.

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