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In fact, a lot of our content relating to active pursuits of a "rape victim" experience through various means has been largely overshadowed by this support role that emerged fairly early on. Though it was perhaps surprising, it is a role we have fully embraced as we have seen the positive impact it can have on a certain portion of sexual trauma survivors. Sure!" she said and hopped in. Spreading her legs ever so slightly, I could see naked vagina and I was instantly getting hard. Not a cop, definitely, as policewomen don't get into cars with strangers and would never bare themselves so. Umm... umm..." she bleats, stupid cow. Finally getting the point, "thank you for the work and the generous pay" she says. So many men fantasize about rape. And that's okay: Frustrations around being a wage/credit slave, women objectifying men for money while denying sex -- we all have dark thoughts and discussing them shouldn't be such a taboo topic. Additionally, it is known that victims are helped by talking about their trauma, even if they themselves aren’t turned on by it, and our subreddit is a place that allows people to share their stories freely. We’ve even seen a few instances of survivors that preferred to share in our subreddit instead of a more traditional support subreddit, because they didn’t want to be treated like a typical traumatized victim with PTSD, or took solace in the knowledge that some people enjoyed their tale even if they themselves did not.

By design this purely fictional story is graphic, realistic seeming and not for the faint of heart. I strongly suggest you consider stopping here and moving on to lighter "CNC" fantasy stories. On July 10, after a two-week period of intense pressure, the Reddit administration took action against several kink-based subreddits that were deemed to be too offensive, banning most, while quarantining a few, including the r/Rapekink group of subreddits. Specifically, the subreddits were accused of promoting hatred and violence against women, with r/Rapekink additionally accused of promoting rape, and the Reddit administration was accused of and portrayed as going out of their way to support these things by virtue of leaving such subreddits operational. I continue the polite conversation, never sexual -- that would constitute solicitation and is a crime. We both knew what the money was for. Arriving at my house I hit the garage remote. The door rolls up and we pull in. The calls to remove these types of subreddits sent the message that the kinks, fetishes and fantasies of these women are wrong, and therefore also that there’s something wrong with the women themselves. And yet, a fundamental basis of kink and BDSM is consent, safety, and the recognition that these are roleplays and fantasies being acted out. Kinky people largely have a firm grasp on the difference between the fantasy world they play in and the real world outside of that play, while the groups opposed to free expressions of kink apparently cannot comprehend this difference. We present this as a contrast to other places, indeed even other subreddits, where these people, mostly women, are insulted, demeaned, or invalidated for their personal experiences and sexual needs. Many of these women have expressed great relief and gratitude to find in our subreddit a place where they can open up and speak freely regarding such a delicate topic. Indeed, we have been tremendously shaped just by seeing what they need to talk about when given a chance.She nods, the friend takes the towel out of her mouth and we strapped her face-down and spread eagle to the futon. I shoved her skirt up and sure enough, no panties. I ripped the cheap skirt off anyway while my friends undid one leg at a time, pulling off her boots, tearing the flimsy garter connectors in the process. They repeated the process to pull off her coat and bandeau top. For survivors of actual sexual trauma, there are numerous, not widely known but nevertheless well-documented reasons why they might develop this kink. (An overview of these, such as repetition compulsion and trauma bonding, can be found in our wiki/FAQ, with a long list of supporting literature.) As traumatic as their rape had been, it can be incredibly hard for them to reconcile their rape, the unwanted physical arousal/orgasm they felt during, and their new fantasies, leaving them with feelings of shame, guilt, and self-hate. For them, it can be a source of great relief to find out that their urges and desires aren’t wrong, and that they are not alone dealing with similar feelings. To be clear, this is about accepting how their minds are best able to cope with the terrible thing that happened to them, and in no way is an attempt to excuse or condone the actions of their rapists. But that desire? The fantasy? It's a far different thing than predators looking to harm and abuse (predominately) women. There appears to be a fundamental assumption from those opposed to these subreddits that the women participating are being abused, and no one in their right mind would willingly choose to partake in such kinks. This view, while being deemed as feminism by some, is incredibly sexist, patronizing, infantilizing, and outright demeaning to women, as it completely disregards their desires. The goal here seems to be to protect these women not just from toxic men, but from themselves, in fact denying these women their agency while claiming to be preserving or restoring it.

Let me get your door, beautiful, and we can use the futon in the other garage spot" I said, stepping out and walking around to her side of the car. I opened her door, offered her a hand to step out, closing the door behind her. Our last man mounts her, again lining up that cum-oozing pussy. Odd, I think, that no one else took her ass. She was pretty, Caucasian, really thin with a cute little bubble butt and maybe B-cup, perky tits. Maybe 5'5" or so, probably 110 pounds and 30ish years old. Too thin for my general tastes, I like cushion on phat asses to bounce against. She needed some hygiene work; showing hair on her cunt and ass that clearly hadn't been waxed in a month, and could use some dental work on a chipped front tooth -- street life is hard, doesn't come with a dental plan, so whatever, she was a 10 for the street, maybe an 8.5 overall. A real gem for a street hooker. We, the moderator team of r/Rapekink, would like to take this opportunity to refute these accusations, defend the practice of consenting kink in general, defend our subreddit specifically, and defend the Reddit administration against such outrageous hyperbole. It contains material that may be disturbing or triggering. If you have been impacted by rape or other abuse, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) has resources that can help. Chat online or call 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).Rape Porn Video Tube We prepare this extreme rape porn tube for the funs of rough sex and humiliation, forced sex xxx scenes and For those without a history of sexual trauma, the idea is similar. It can be hard to reconcile the logical truth that rape is an awful crime that has lasting impacts on a victim, while at the same time fantasizing about it happening to themselves, due to whatever natural submissive or thrill-seeking aspects they possess. Again, in this case, the subreddit allows for these people to recognize that their fantasies need not be a source of shame, and that there isn’t anything wrong with them. And for those who just enjoy sharing their sexual prowess with others, the subreddit is a judgement-free place to do so, unlike other, more general topic subreddits. Here are physical links if you need them, since quarantined subreddits do not appear in search results: r/RapeKink r/RapeWorld r/RapeFantasy r/RapeStories r/RapeConfessions r/Rape_Roleplay (BTW many incest-themed subreddits are similarly quarantined, such as r/incest r/incest_relationships r/IncestPorn r/Incest_Gifs r/wincest r/Inbreeding )

https://theredarchive.com/r/TheRedPillStories/maybe-my-most-direct-rape-ever-he-just-went-for-it.359376 Perfect! I think. "I do, I live just a couple miles away in a nicer section of town, how about we pull into my garage?"

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