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Tamagotchi - Original Tamagotchi - Black (Updated Packaging)

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The TamaOtch, Tamagotchi Friends, Tamagotchi Pix and Tamagotchi Uni include a feature that allows the user to choose one of three possible eggs to hatch. What impact the egg choice has had on these releases is different, Such as on the pix, where the egg color sets a Tamagotchi's group. However, Mametchi and friends manage to befriend him and show that they trust what he hears and care for him. Kikitchi's parents also promised to spend more time with him after seeing how their absence affected him. Thus, Kikitchi became more friendly though he still sometimes acts self-centered, saying what's on his mind without thinking how rude it sounds. His best friends are Chamametchi, Hapihapitchi and Imotchi, but sometimes he fights with Hapihapitchi. He also looks up to and admires Gozarutchi, even calling him "master". He became a very good skateboarder after Kuromametchi helped him too and may look up to him. Kuchipatchi is a green, fat Tamagotchi who likes to eat and sleep. He is one of the laziest Tamagotchis, but also one of the kindest. On virtual pets, he is mostly obtained with average or above-average care. In animated media, he is voiced by Asami Yaguchi (in Japanese), and by Carrie Keranen (in English). Chamametchi is Mametchi's little sister. Like Mimitchi and Kuromametchi, she looks nothing like Mametchi, except for her skin color being pale yellow, as well as her ears. She has pink clothing, with a pink dress. Chamametchi's care status is often average. Do you have an old ‘90s Tamagotchi rattling around in a drawer somewhere? Then it might just earn you a tidy sum. But don’t get your hopes up too soon, as not all Original Tamagotchi are worth the same. If you have a rare Tamagotchi or a Gen 1 that has never been opened, chances are it will fetch a few hundred dollars.

In Tamagotchi Town, Mayutchi acts completely like a normal Tamagotchi - eating, pooping and being vulnerable to stress, and the adult it evolves into is determined by its stress levels and migration rather than that of the teenager it evolved from. Kikitchi is obtained from Monapatchi with 4+ care mistakes. He is the worst care character in this version.Kikitchi is obtained from any male child with 4+ care mistakes. On odd generations, he can evolve into Mametchi with 0 care mistakes, Kuchipatchi with 1-3 care mistakes, or Gozarutchi with 4+ care mistakes. On even generations, he can evolve into KuroMametchi with 0 care mistakes, ShimaShimatchi with 1-3 care mistakes, or Nemutchi with 4+ care mistakes.

She also uses her helmet to hide her true looks. Like Gozarutchi, she is usually obtained with the worst possible care.

Tamagotchi Logs

On the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4, Version 4.5, Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus, and Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus, the Tamagotchi leaves school and, based on their skill points, can find a career. On the Tamagotchi Music Star, the Tamagotchi and the band members all evolve into Adults, and audition before a panel of judges before debuting as an official band. This stage features exclusively on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 and Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. On the Tamagotchi m!x and Tamagotchi On, parent characters appear in the family photo when marrying a pure Tamagotchi. If the next generation of adults evolves into a neglect character (such as Gozarutchi), the parents will also evolve into matching neglect parents (such as Kashiratchi). Unlike the children, the parents' evolution can't be reversed. Some parent characters are exclusive to certain pure families (such as Mamavioletchi). If a Tamagotchi sent from one version to another is rendered as Nazotchi, it will not evolve into a parent character, but can still become a neglect parent during the next generation. For a My Tama, this stage will look identical to a standard teen stage character of the Tamagotchi being run, but with a different body color, one of the headgear genetics, and one of the accessory genetics. A special character from the V5 who is a sun. He likes the sun, but, surprisingly, prefers indoor activities. His favorite phrase is "3-2-1, Sunnytchi!"

Tamapatchi • Tamabotchi • Tantotchi • Puchitomatchi • Chiroritchi • Fuyofuyotchi • Mimitamatchi • Mokumokutchi Mametchi • Kuchipatchi • Yotsubatchi • Gozarutchi • Shimagurutchi • Lovelitchi • Memetchi • Nijifuwatchi • Violetchi • Momotchi On the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4, Version 4.5, Tamagotchi Music Star, Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus, and Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus, this is the stage where the Tamagotchi can receive mail and start school. Hinotamatchi - October 14 - October 25th, 2004 - Light Purple/Circles Tamagotchi Connection V1 "Phi" ShimaShimatchi • Makiko • KuroMametchi • Mimitchi • Oyajitchi • Maskutchi • Ura Togetchi • Ura Zukyutchi • Prince Tamahiko • Princess Tamako • Gift Mametchi (Gift) • Santaclautchi (Gift) • Giftchi (Gift)The Magical Flying Library Ship visits again the next day and Kikitchi hears a faint voice calling for help. He looks for the source and runs into Mametchi and friends who are also looking for the source of unhappiness Hapihapitchi sensed. The source is revealed to be from a book titled World's Happiest Story and everyone jumps in to investigate. They discover that the story loops instead of ending and run into Happy, the story's protagonist. Happy rejects their help in finding the ending and Kikitchi notices how unhappy he is and relates to him. When everyone leaves the story, Kikitchi secretly takes the storybook home with him. A purple light-bulb shaped character with curly pig-tails who wears a purple bow, a white skirt, and magenta boots. She is Memetchi's arch-rival. Although Makiko and Memetchi do not like each other, they are very fond of the curls in each other's hair. Makiko's care status often varies, usually either being better or worse than Memetchi, depending on the release. In other languages and versions, she is known as Raburitchi, Lavulitchi, and Lovelytchi. Lovelitchi was introduced in the anime as a shy, kind, sweet girl who didn't know how to make friends, since she was bullied in the past. She is best friends with some of the other central characters, including Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, as well as several other characters who know of her secret double-life under her stage name, Lovelin. Lovelin is a pop star that appears alongside Gotchiman in his television show. Lovelitchi has parents, Lovepapalitchi and Lovemamalitchi, who run the TamaCafe. Uwasatchi is oblivious to the secret. However, she wants to stir gossip about Lovelin and suspects Lovelitchi knows something about her. Lovelitchi wears a pink dress with a blue bow, two sets of pink beads on her ears (with the set on her right having two pink hearts), blue tights and a pink purse shaped like a heart. Like Mametchi, she is usually obtained with the best possible care. In animated media, she is voiced by Kei Shindō (in Japanese). Memetchi is an orange Tamagotchi with sparkles in her eyes. She is very gentle, but when you are mean to her, she will point it out. She can get into arguments about fashion, as well. She is rivals with Makiko, a purple Tamagotchi who looks similar to her. Her care status often varies, but it is usually average. In animated media, she is voiced by Ryōka Yuzuki (in Japanese), and by Stephanie Sheh (in English). Kikitchi is a raisable adult that appears on the Tamagotchi Uni. He can be obtained from Curltchi with 0-1 care mistakes, or with 2-5 care mistakes and getting a perfect score over 20 times at the arcade. His hunger decreases by one every 90 minutes while his happiness decreases every 20 minutes. He goes to sleep at 10 PM.

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