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Cosatto wonder Dolls pram in Unicorn Land with Matching bag

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FEATURES – The pram unit can be forward or rearward facing, converts to a stroller, has a matching change-style bag, an integrated hood, four sturdy, easy to manoeuvre wheels, a large shopping basket and is suitable for dolls up to 60cm, everything they need! Gasping repeatedly as he pulled her leash, Diana without her new powers had the body of a simple woman and therefore possessed less stamina, so as she had less and less room to dance, the young woman's face gradually turned red as she ran out of steam and said feverishly as she danced awkwardly "stop it! Stop it please!!!" Then seeing that the man was staring at her made the young woman quite uncomfortable because she knew that he considered her as a feminine and fragile thing, everything she hated... The worst part for the young woman was knowing that the magical power of the lasso was such that she could not break the oath she had just made with the devil, and she was now completely at his mercy... At that very instant, the seemingly harmless box starting to wind itself up. Slowly but in a gradual and grading fashion the box turned and turned until it finally reached a stopping point. For a second nothing happened, just the stillness of the air and the stale scent of the old factory. But then in the blink of an eye every went blank, drowned out by the piercing light produced from the once harmless toy boy. The ground crumbled, and broke beneath Wonder Woman’s ’feet. Before she could react she was already engulfed and swallowed by the depths beneath.

Observing the room with dumbfounded eyes, diana then realized completely why the man was called like that, indeed was everywhere around the room dolls, toys and mannequins all different with some of them activated strangely, turning their eyes towards her making her uncomfortable... Now recomposed, the Toyman started once more, “Exactly Diana Prince, people play with dolls. Is the concept of a doll so foreign to you? Did they not have them on that little disgusting island of yours where all the women go against their basic instincts in favor of just training away all day every day for their whole worthless lives? And are you people so incapable of saving individuals without your striking figure on display? So much skin too, even a prostitute would wait to get paid first before showing so much skin.” There, there little one, it’s okay, trust me everything is okay.” After a few moments the Toyman managed to calm down the doll but she still had the sniffles. Holding the doll out he asked, “Now, now little one, why are you crying?” It was the most human the Toyman had ever sounded. His presence had completely shifted to that of a concerned parent.She had only one desire, to get up and hit him, but she did nothing and contented herself with looking at him feverishly while he touched her lips...

Sighing in response to what she had said, the Toyman took his signature moments before responding. “So you learned to control your emotions and yet you let them get the better of you earlier? Not very good teachings then I suppose. If using anger rebukes you from being a hero, what about intimidation and fear? And if it’s not the suit, does that mean you feel powerful now Diana?” He suddenly and violently yanked the leash, causing Diana to come crashing into him and landing in a provocative manner on him. This one was of a rather basic design, with only the bare essentials being present. It smelt of fresh cut wood, with various fabrics in different departments on the walls and tools. Numerous mannequins dotted the room, some dressed while others not. Various toys hung from the ceiling too, some finished while others only in parts, truly the nightmares of children. In the center there was a simple circular platform, with chained handcuff dropping from the ceiling along with a matching pair for the feet on the floor. To the right of the platform was a vertical table, also sporting handcuffs, and to the left was a chair doing the same.With each step getting quieter as he vanished into the darkness of the facility. The Toyman had a very eventful day, he was proud of himself naturally. The hardest hurdle was already cleared and now he had Wonder Woman as his doll. Everything else going forward in comparison were nothing but small puddles, easily avoided and cleared but still numerous and annoying. He had much to do, but for now all he needed was a good nights rest.

Returning to his calm and collected voice, tho it was slightly more commanding now, the Toyman said, “Human, human…. You feel human. That is truly intriguing, it means you felt yourself superior to us regular humans before no? Is that why you went around playing hero? Because you felt pity for us humans? Regardless that hardly matters now. Open that chest, put on what’s inside and then we shall progress.” Simple observing her for the duration of her ‘dancing’ the Toyman purposely remained silent. He knew doing so would only make the moment more awkward for Diana, more humiliating too. With each passing second he saw how her uncomfortableness grew along with how much more sloppy and ungraceful she was becoming. The confused, frustrated, helpless and humiliated look on her face brought joy to the Toyman as he watched on in silence. Leading her down the bustling street, the Toyman simply replied, “It is a bit of both. You Diana Prince need to know humility, most women experience that in their lives quite often. But you were previously immune to such a feeling, now you are not so you must learn. Women as a whole have few options in today’s society, tho it is still more than they had previously. Progress if you will. But you have always known freedom, you couldn’t dare to even understand what they go through nor have you tried.”ADJUSTABLE HANDLE – Means your child can get more use from the toy, as the handle adjusts as they grow, extends from 48 – 78cm. Taking the item and container, he made his way over to Diana, resting the container on the floor before undoing her cuffs. It was the first time in a few hours she had been free and not restricted so the Toyman gave her a few moments to regain her balance. After those moments passed, the Toyman once again opened the container, revealing its contents. Listening to the man with an enraged look, something inside her made her shiver as if her oath was urging her to keep her word and be his doll. Then looking at him, Diana hesitated and looked embarrassed then said "look it's just an expression, I was, I was pissed and it just came out of my mouth... and why, why shouldn't a woman be allowed to say vulgarities unlike a man?"

The Toyman was in an awfully good mood, seeing the trailblazing and bombastic Wonder Woman so utterly defeated was a delightful sight and elating feeling for him. His fingers wiggled with excitement as he reached over to accept the fabled Lasso of Truth. With both of them holding the lasso and the compelling power of the lasso washing over him, the Toyman declared the agreement in an over the top fashion. Their next incarnation was as an educational tool for young ladies. Dolls’ houses were an ideal way to show them how to run a household, deal with servants and generally become au fait with being the lady of the house - all in miniature. They would have contained all the usual furniture as well as brooms, cooking pots and other practical pieces. Like Upstairs Downstairs but REALLY small. As it did these task it said. “Naturally Sir I understand the current conditions, expect your regular meal once you return by yourself. And for you Mademoiselle, I hope our service and food were satisfactory.” Soon after the waiter bowed then left. The Toyman, breaking out of his silence, held out his hand with the leash so Diana would attach it herself this time. Softly he added, “Let’s walk.” The Toyman remained silent, continuing to comfort the toy ballerina until she went into a sleep like slumber. Turning his body to face Diana directly, he uttered in a soft voice, “My love, I love each and everyone of my toys. Everything I build is with love. That’s why they reciprocate love and listen to me. It’s as simple as that.” Something inside Diana made her feel strangely guilty at the sight of the criyng doll, by nature really kind and good, the young woman had always considered herself a good person and even if the scene was absurd, hearing the sobs of a toy touched her...

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It was always so unpleasant for her to be collared although she hated even more the feeling of being on a leash which was really humiliating...

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