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Games Workshop 99120206025 Start Collecting Skaven Pestilens Action Figure, Black

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Skryre’s-breath Bellows– Start of any/each hero phase the bearer can use the relic and roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3” of it, on a 4+ the unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Unfortunately this does also hit friendly units, so probably not worth killing your own models to maybe kill an enemy or two. C Contents: 1 Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh (Hero), 10 x Daemonettes of Slaanesh (Batteline), 5 x Seekers of Slaanesh Unrivalled Killer– Re-roll hit rolls against the enemy Hero that was chosen as part of the Eshin clan trait. Useful against larger enemy heroes on a Verminlord to get a full set of re-rolls to hit and to wound. B

Malevolent- Re-roll wound rolls of 1 with melee weapons. Simple but not very effective considering the heros that this would go on. This trait comes up on every table and is better on other heroes, not Masterclan. D Powerful – Super simple. +1 Wound. Never a bad thing but often not going to save the hero from death either. C+ Massive synergy – Neatly sectioned out subfactions all have specific targeted buffs that generally provide a lot of value. Even the small heroes will provide a lot. We start the selection of hidden weapons teams with the awkward melee one. All of the weapons teams bar the grinder can deploy inside a unit of Clanrats or Stormvermin (you write down which in secret at deployment). You can put one weapons team in for every 10 models in the unit and if the unit dies with the weapons team in there then the weapons team dies too. Each weapons team has a different timing for when it can pop out.Verminous Valour – After save rolls or rolls to ignore wounds, pass wounds off of the hero to a nearby friendly Skaventide unit within 3” on the roll of a 4+, or a 5+ if the hero is a Monster or War Machine. Skryre Heroes have a smaller footprint so not as useful as it is on a Screaming Bell or Verminlord. B Verminous Valour – After save rolls or rolls to ignore wounds, pass wounds off of the hero to a nearby friendly Skaventide unit within 3” on the roll of a 4+, or a 5+ if the hero is a Monster or War Machine. Same as above, nice on helping keep a Verminlord alive if near hordes. B- Two uses here: loading up on a few medium-to-big sized units of these will have good alpha strike potential, especially with Eshin buffs up, or a couple of minimum sized units are great for disruption, objective play and battle tactics. With how easy gnawholes are to shut down in this book, it’s worth a consideration at least with how poor Skaven can be at scoring early. Clans Skryre Skryre Acolytes Scoring – Unless you specifically build for it, Skaven can struggle into the tighter scoring of Gallet. The castle builds often start off slow and score later in the game.

Rustcursed Armour – Alternatively there is this, which hands out a very nice flat +1 save that’s always ‘on’. On top of this, you can target an enemy hero holding an artefact at the start of the combat phase and if you beat their bravery, they lose it. Heroes with artefacts that end up in combat tend to have quite high bravery so this ability is more nice to have for when you roll boxcars, but your basic effect is nice enough that this hardly matters. Raise a warhost and run roughshod over the Mortal Realms with this Vanguard box, which contains 17 miniatures including a Chaos Lord, 10 iconic Chaos Warriors in full multi-part glory, five Chaos Knights with the new upgrade sprue, and a chariot which can be pulled by horses or a savage gorebeast for line-breaking charges. This is a really versatile box as many of the units can be build in a different ways and can be slotted in to different Death lists depending on how they’re built. In a Flesh-Eater Courts army the big beast of the box (Terrorgheist/ZD) can be built as a standalone behemoth with a freestanding Ghoul King or as a mounted leader of either the FEC variety or as a Vampire Lord/the named Vampire Lord, Prince Vordrai. Shadowmaster – Stops your general from being targeted by missile weapons if they’re more than 9” from the enemy. The Deceiver has this on their warscroll and Deathmasters can deploy inside your units, so the very specific niche for this ability is if you want to deploy your Deathmaster on the board (and then presumably teleport them via gnawhole or Skitterleap) and you are too high drop to be able to protect them from ranged alpha strikes. It’s very niche, but it’s there if that’s what you want to do.Malevolent – Re-roll wound rolls of 1 with melee weapons. You would think the Assassins would be the ones that could make use of this trait, but there are just better choices. C Contents: 1 Lord-Aquilor (Hero), 5 x Vanguard Hunters (Batteline if General is Lord-Aquilor), 3 x Vanguard Palladors, 3 x Glyph-Hounds Staff of Rightful Supremacy – A very interesting artefact that you likely won’t see taken all that often but is situationally excellent. The bearer gains a 13” aura of -1 to cast for enemy wizards. Also you get a once per game auto dispel for an endless spell within 13”, but only in your hero phase (note that the dispel attempt doesn’t have to be the bearer, so you could attempt it with another hero and still trigger the artefact).

What was once one of the worst Start Collecting boxes has transformed into one of the best with the release of the AoS 2.0 Overlords battletome. The Neverplague – AKA the turn one great plague. You can reroll all chanting rolls for all Pestilens priests for the rest of the game. Yes, thank you.The Verminus Command Traits are not fantastic, certainly not good enough to be worth throwing points at mediocre heroes over. Without wanting to dwell on the past – this used to be an ability that just handed the traits over without having to spend a heroic action, and it used to work on the Verminlord Warbringer, and nobody ever made use of it anyway. It’s worse now, so unless you are very committed to a specific bit, it probably isn’t going to be a mechanic you chase. Clans Skryre Warpstone Sparks

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