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The Big Cheese Hot Nuts Grey Squirrel Deterrent Spray – 1 Litre Ready-To-Use Treatment for Bird Feeders, Including Bird Tables, Contains Capsicum Chilli

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You can read more detail in our guide about repelling squirrels with vinegar here! Peppermint Oil Naturally Repels Squirrels

The barrier, which needs to be re-applied twice a week, needs to be three feet wide, all the way around every area that needs protection. It is recommended to be sprayed twice a week around the area that needs protection from squirrels. ​This spray works best in dry climates, but it can be usable in wet weather. You can also try garlic pepper. Mix the product with water, then spray it onto your plants. (You can also buy it here) The garlic’s pungent smell will help keep the squirrels at bay. Best squirrel repellent for cars Because they’re prey animals, squirrels are incredibly aware of surrounding predators. While they often out-smart humans, dogs and cats pose more of a threat to these wily rodents, who see them as natural predators.Peppermint and other mints are a potent squirrel deterrent. However, while we find minty scents refreshing, squirrels find them painful; thus, many of the best squirrel repellent sprays use mint to keep squirrels out of your home and garden. Although a chemical method of dealing with squirrels, this spray is made from all-natural ingredients. Aside from having a variety of health benefits, essential oils have been proven to keep pests away from both the home and garden. Take three cayenne peppers and put them in a blender or a food processor. Strain the pulp using cheesecloth, and mix the resulting solution with 1 gallon of water. Add 1/3 of this mixture to a spray bottle; dilute it with water to your discretion (the less dilution the better), and add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or dish soap. You’re set! Spray the repellent near plants, on trees, wood fences, etc. Re-apply whenever necessary (after rain or watering plants). Spread the granules at the base of your plants to limit their attractiveness to rodents. Try not to apply the product directly on the plants grown for human consumption, but rather put the granules somewhere nearby. Re-apply after 30 days, after heavy rain, or whenever necessary.

The rainproof granules are made from porous and swellable minerals. The 5-pound container has 5% fox urine as the active ingredient. Organic solution. Do use caution while spraying near flammable parts of your vehicle. The exterminators spray safe for humans, children, and pets but avoid getting in your eyes as the garlic and white pepper oil can irritate.Another effective way to deter squirrels is to make noise. You can bang on pots and pans, blow a whistle, or set up a music player outdoors. The device works by emitting alternating ultrasonic and pressure waves in a high frequency ranging from 25 kHz to 60 kHz. This can be annoying to squirrels, mice, and other pests. It’s advised that you do not apply the spray directly onto plants. Build or mount a barrier inside or outside the perimeter of an area that you want to preserve, and apply the spray generously there. Be careful when applying it on painted surfaces as the spray might stain. Squirrels are plant-eaters, and your yard and garden are full of edible plants. Seedlings, twigs, leaves, shrubs, vines, vegetables, fruits, nuts – all are tasty treats to a hungry squirrel. And because they love seeds and nuts, your bird feeder can become a magnet for unwelcome squirrels. Yes, you should. Even if the manufacturer claims that there is no need to replace/change or add new portions of a repellent, we still recommend you do. Especially after a heavy rain.

Outside of the home, squirrels are pests to gardens and bird areas. They dig up the soil, chew up vegetables, rob fruit trees, and make raids on bird feeders. Knowing that some plants and oils can repel squirrels away from your property, you can try and make a homemade natural deterrent at home. Here is our list of the 9 best squirrel repellents if you are looking for the top-rated squirrel repellents. Wondering how to keep squirrels out of plants and attics? Here are nine suggestions:Like some humans, squirrels also find the taste and smell of garlic unappealing. You can use garlic as a natural squirrel repellent by creating a mixture of vinegar, chopped garlic, and water. Let the concoction sit for a few days to allow the flavors to blend well. Afterward, you can apply it by spraying it on stakes and fences in your vegetable garden.

You’ll want to finely crush the garlic cloves up and spread them in a concentrated area near the plants you’d like to repel. Keep in mind, the smell will fade after a day or two and you’ll need to reapply the garlic. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep squirrels away from your plants, you can try a few things. The Fake Owl Decoy is built on the idea that the squirrels are instinctively scared of their predators, and they can be prevented from gnawing, playing, or breeding in the area around the latter. Are there any open holes or areas a rodent could slip through? Are there signs that they might be poking around certain places, looking for a spot to nest?

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Mix equal parts of each spice and sprinkle the flakes in areas you want to keep out the squirrels. We suggest you mix the repellent with your bird seed. Doing this will prevent the squirrels from eating the food, as they do not like anything that tastes spicy. If the plug is still there after two days, close the hole with gnaw-resistant galvanized sheet metal or galvanized metal mesh.

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