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Rynn's World: A Space Marine Battles Novel (Warhammer 40,000)

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As the Crimson Fists' few surviving Techmarines salvaged and repaired what little had survived the WAAAGH!'s assault, Chapter Master Kantor dedicated himself to cleansing the Jaden Mountains of the remaining Orks that lurked within their confines. The third Chapter the Crimson Fists fought against were the Soul Drinkers. Dark rumours persist that there were 6 Second Founding Chapters of the Imperial Fists, the final one being the Soul Drinkers. The Warhammer TV Army Painters are the team behind this fantastic board, and they told us a little about the challenges in bringing a future farm to life:

As successors to the Imperial Fists, the Chapter does show a marked competency with defensive engagements. The Chapter's Warp-capable vessels and Fortress-Monastery are all thoroughly defended. Even their first engagement as a Chapter after their Founding involved defending an Imperial colony on Uralek Prime from a substantial force of Eldar Exodites. White Dwarf 288 (UK), "Index Astartes: Bloodied Fist. The Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter," by Andy Hoare When the Crimson Fists Chapter was formed, Primarch Dorn granted Chapter Master Polux its membership from among the most recently initiated members of the Imperial Fists Legion. While these battle-brothers were thoroughly trained and loyal men, they were among the Legion's most levelheaded members. Because of this, the new Chapter Master was able to more effectively implement the teachings and new traditions of the Codex Astartes. They required swift cultural integration to ensure that, like a wounded body fitted with a hurried prosthetic, the Chapter did not reject these newcomers for the strangers they were. The Crimson Fists never hesitate to demonstrate their devotion to the Imperium and embody it with their battle cry: "There is only the Emperor. He is our shield and our protector!"

As the Crimson Fists' few surviving Techmarines salvaged and repaired what little had survived the WAAAGH!'s assault, Chapter Master Kantor dedicated himself to the cleansing of the Jaden Mountains of the remaining Orks that lurked within their confines. It was a difficult campaign, for the Orks defended every crag and cavern, and Kantor had neither the men nor the equipment he would have wished for such a task.

It was really fun to recreate the important elements of the scenario and gaming board from the Rogue Trader book (the farmhouse, orchard, and hilltop generator), and being able to capture those elements of the universe you don’t often see. In this case, what would an Imperial agri farm look like? As in awe of the Ultramarines primarch as Kantor was, the Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists was simply too overstretched to do more than thank the Lord Commander of the Imperium for his timely arrival. Pressed for time, Guilliman spent but three solar days on Rynn's World as his Crusade refitted itself. The surviving beasts cower in the shadows below, ensnared in a web of our devising. Pursue them into the darkness and a great victory shall be yours." In the aftermath of the battles upon Rynn's World, Pedro Kantor had much to do. The Daemons had brought ruin to much of the planet. The Chapter, so painstakingly rebuilt, was once more decimated, and with Primaris Marine reinforcements from Archmagos Cawl, there were entire new companies of Crimson Fists that had never known Rynn's World or the Chapter's rituals.The Crimson Fists' future lies with a handful of Space Marines, their lives to be expended for greater rewards than the salving of personal pride. Now the battle-brothers of the Crimson Fists fight for more than the Emperor of Mankind, more than honour and renown. They fight so that their Chapter may survive, and one day regain its former glories. The Crimson Fists proved to be one of the first recipients of these new transhuman warriors, and would be able to finally rebuild their decimated Chapter. Here were warriors whose genetic composition was closer to their own primarch, Rogal Dorn, than had ever before existed. For his raw material, Cawl had selected warriors of Terra, and had taken them only a few generations after the original Imperial Fists had been created by the Emperor. Before he left, Guilliman summoned Pedro Kantor. The Chapter Master arrived late, still arrayed in his blood-soaked and battle-worn Power Armour. Noticing the Chapter Master's discomfort, the Lord Commander of the Imperium put Kantor's mind at ease, for he had not summoned him for censure, but to speak to him both sincerely and most gravely. The survivors held out against the encroaching Orks for eighteen solar months until a massive Imperial Navy fleet arrived in 990.M41. Through the inspired leadership of Pedro Kantor, and thanks to the heroic sacrifice of scores of Crimson Fists, the Imperium won out against impossible odds. Wave upon wave of Orks crashed against Kantor's lines in New Rynn City, but the Space Marines never wavered, and countless Greenskins were brought down by Bolter fire. When ammunition ran dry, the Orks fell instead beneath Chainswords, Combat Knives and ceramite-clad fists. Still the Crimson Fists held firm, channeling in that desperate hour a measure of the close-quarters might of their long dead founder, Alexis Polux. With each victory, the Crimson Fists removed another Greenskin infestation, another daemonically possessed rogue governor or alien despot from power and strengthened the Imperium's hold upon the Loki Sector. Such was Guilliman's command to Pedro Kantor, the last words he had spoken to him before boarding his transport and continuing about his long crusade:

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