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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Necrons Canoptek Doomstalker

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Let’s imagine that you’re now into the game and want to start flensing the galactic usurpers into nothingness. Are there tools to help with that? Yes – especially if you like using rapid fire gauss weapons. There seems to be a general trend in this book that rapid fire gauss is being positioned as the “default” weapon setup, and you get a few options for this. When a CORE INFANTRY unit shoots with rapid fire weapons, you can spend 1CP for Relentless Onslaught, giving you extra hits on unmodified 6s. With any gauss weapon, including the new reapers, you can also pop Disintegration Capacitors, auto-wounding on unmodified 6s to hit. Put them together and each 6 is one auto-wound and one extra hit – spicy stuff if you’re running Mephrit especially. You can combine this further with the upgraded Solar Pulse, which now strips a target of cover for the whole phase rather than just against one volley. Dimensional Translocation: A generic rule for all units that can deep strike in the reinforcement step. It’s the standard 9″ distance, and it’s nice to see it codified centrally. Units that disembark from a TRANSPORT model that made a Normal move this phase count as having made a Normal move themselves; they cannot move further during this phase. Such a unit also cannot declare a charge in the same turn, but can otherwise act normally in the remainder of the turn. Wings: This strat is incredible, especially once you bring Cryptothralls into the mix as we’ll get to, and in test games it’s been where the majority of my CP have ended up going. In your own Shooting Phase, your tool for making things turbo-dead is Protocol of the Conquering Tyrant, giving you full wound re-rolls within half range for 1CP, or full range if you have a Leader. Six Lokhusts with a Lokhust Lord feels like a very good play in this index, and this is a major contributor. If you need to get into range to do that, Protocol of the Sudden Storm is the play, giving your unit’s weapons Assault, and letting them re-roll Advance rolls if they have a Leader. One of the few things that’s a downgrade for Necrons is that a few units are a little slower now (and have to abide by the new FLY rules), so this can be helpful for extra reach. If you instead want to kill something in the Fight Phase, use Protocol of the Hungry Void, giving +1 to S, and also improving AP by one if you have a Leader. It’s a mark of how good that these stratagems are that this might be the least flashy, but it’s still super good in the right situation, especially with reduced AP across the board.

New and exciting for the Necrons, we have custom dynasties. Two lists of traits ( Dynastic Traditions and Circumstances of Awakening) are provided, and you have to choose one effect from each list. Example: Matts army is led by an Overlord (a NECRONS CHARACTER), and every model in it is from the same dynasty, therefore he must assign command protocols. He selects the following, writing them down on his army roster: On the flip side, he’ll also have 16 wounds which means that players can start shooting away at him as soon as the game starts. The Void DragonThese guys come with an innate -1 to hit, they slap like the Skorpekh Destroyers, and they can deepstrike for free. What’s not to love? Plus, with a 10″ movement, they’ll be able to apply a decent amount of pressure by covering serious ground before making a charge roll. Psychomancer Should the Triarch Stalker's firepower prove insufficient for the task at hand, it can instruct nearby Necron phalanxes to add their firepower to its own, and even transmit targeting data to ensure these augmentative volleys are as accurate as possible. Only the toughest and bravest of foes can withstand such a barrage -- others are driven screaming from the battlefield, or mown down by the pinpoint salvoes.

I'm 3D printing a Necron army for 40k. I have scoured the internet for good STLs and I am still looking. Does anyone have any good STLs they could reply with?

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Immortal Pride gets re-written and is, sadly, way less good. It now gives the model a 5+++ against Mortal Wounds and gives CORE units nearby immunity to combat attrition modifiers. A substantial downgrade on both halves sadly, and probably not that great. Finally, Implacable Conquerer (re-roll charge aura) also gets the CORE treatment, making it way less useful as it can’t be comboed with Ophydians or Flayed Ones, both of whom want this effect a lot.

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