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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Officer (Major, Officer, Colonst) Mini Figure with Blaster

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Adi Gallia \ Ashla \ Baird Kantoo ♦ \ Bobby \ Bolla Ropal \ Cozler \ Jempa \ Jocasta Nu \ Liam \ Luke Starkiller \ Mari \ Rako ♦ \ Vaash Ti ♦ \ Yaddle \ Yarael Poof The Imperial Officer is a playable character in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, and again in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. The Officer's appearance is based upon the 2006 variant, and is armed with a grey pistol. He has the ability to single-jump, build, punch enemies at close range, shoot, grapple, and open doors requiring an Imperial character.

Boil \ CC-5052 "Bly" \ Clone Flametrooper \ Commander Fil \ Commander Stone \ CT-411 "Ponds" \ Galactic Marine \ CT-782 "Hevy" \ CT-5555 "Fives" \ Disguised Clone \ Lieutenant Thire \ Stealth Trooper \ Waxer

Imperial officers are high-ranking members of the Empire’s military forces. While most are loyal to the Emperor, they are more than happy to move up in rank through the downfall of their fellow officers. Adan Mose ♦ \ Athgar Heece \ Carib Diss \ Cato Parasitti \ Crokind Shand \ Cikatro Vizago \ Croll Jenkins ♦ \ HELIOS-3D \ Kintan Strider \ L3-37 \ Pirate Ruffian \ Razoo Qin-Fee \ Robonino \ Rothgar Deng \ Sarco Plank \ Varond Jelik ♦ \ Volzang Li-Thrull \ Zylas ♦ Daultay Dofine \ Faro Argyus \ LEP Servant Droid \ Lok Durd \ Mar Tuuk \ Mustafarian \ Nuvo Vindi \ OOM-9 \ Queen Karina \ R3-S6 \ Rune Haako \ Wat Tambor \ Whorm Loathsom

The next Imperial Officer was not released for another three years, two of which were included in the set 7264 Imperial Inspection. This version of the officer had a similar torso print to the original, but the leg and torso colour was changed to dark stone grey. The hands and head piece were changed to a flesh colour, due to the decision to change the general skin tone of minifigures in licensed themes from yellow to this colour in 2004. The face printing for this minifigure was also changed- the mouth was wider and thinner, white pupils were added to the eyes, and brown eyebrows were also present. This minifigure also wore a different hat to the original, which is known to as a kepi, that came in dark stone grey. Captain Typho \ Cham Syndulla \ Chi Cho \ Faro Argyus \ Finis Valorum \ G8-R3 \ Mas Amedda \ Orn Free Taa \ R2-KT \ Riyo Chuchi \ Senator Kharrus \ Senator Philo \ Senator Yaun \ Queen Neeyutnee \ R2-A6 \ R2-B1 \ R2-N3 \ R2-R9 \ Ric Olié Aayla Secura \ Agen Kolar \ Ahsoka Tano \ Anakin Skywalker \ Barriss Offee \ Bene \ Coleman Trebor \ Eeth Koth \ Even Piell \ Ezra Bridger \ Ithorian Jedi Master ♦ \ Jedi Consular \ Jedi Knight (Episode II) ♦ \ Jedi Knight (The Old Republic) \ Kai Brightstar \ Kanan Jarrus \ Ki-Adi-Mundi \ Kit Fisto \ Luke Skywalker \ Luminara Unduli \ Lys Solay \ Mace Windu \ Nahdar Vebb \ Obi-Wan Kenobi \ Plo Koon \ Qui-Gon Jinn \ Quinlan Vos \ Rey \ Saesee Tiin \ Satele Shan \ Shaak Ti \ Stass Allie \ YodaThe first four variants, the 2014 redesign as well as the 2015 Rebels Design all feature three red rectangles over three blue with one code cylinder, giving them what is currently considered as being the rank of Captain (or its army equivalent, colonel) in the Star Wars universe, whilst the 2012 variant features two code cylinders, placing him with the rank of Commander. [1] Code cylinders are not visible over the armour on the combat variant, so the exact rank cannot be determined. The 2019 redesign features two red rectangles over two blue with one code cylinder, giving it the rank of Lieutenant. Bazine Netal \ Captain Canady \ Control Room Commander \ Erich S. Datoo \ FN-1824 \ FN-2112 \ FN-2199 \ Kaplan \ Lieutenant Rodinon \ Petty Officer Thanisson \ Unamo Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader™, Shuttle Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper™ and Luke Skywalker™. Badawans ♦ \ Nightsisters \ Ochi of Bestoon \ Ren \ Seventh Sister \ Sith Acolyte \ Sovereign Protector \ Vaneé

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