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Fluval spec nanoaquarium, 19 liters

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What I like best about the Fluval Spec line of aquariums is their ‘all in one’ appearance, where the display tank, lights, and filtration system are all in one box. When setting up our Spec V aquarium, it was only natural to try to find a heater that would fit into the pump section and be totally enclosed. In my research, I found a few heaters that would work well. I will talk about these and also go into some other aspects of aquarium heaters. Option 1: Fitting a Heater in the Fluval Spec Pump Section Putting together our Fluval Spec aquarium was straightforward enough; the only part of assembly and setup that had be a bit stumped was how to orient the pump and get it installed in the bottom of the pump section. A few factors made me wonder how best to accomplish this: Make sure to verify your aquarium heater’s thermostat with a separate thermometer. Preferably, an accurate one. It is not uncommon for the more inexpensive aquarium heaters to be off by a few degrees, where a heater set on 76F will actually hold low at 74F or may be high at 78F. The actual number is not that important. What is important is that you can realize where to set the dial to achieve your desired temperature and that the heater be consistent. N30 has developed unique glass-sealing techniques, which allows us to produce very large tanks (such as 30-feet long) without issue of water leakage. For all custom-made fish tanks, N30 assures customers of Five Years Warranty against water leakage. DarkOne isn't wrong about the price being high. I bought that Fluval because I knew it would fit, but I also just bought the Aqueon Pro for another betta tank I have set up at my office, and it would definitely fit as well. Also, five years later my Fluval heater still works, and the glass sleeved 50W Tetra heater I got with my new betta tank (from my sister) did just as I have noted...failed "on" and took the tank to about 86 degrees.

You’ll need to tank this on and off to do water changes, float new fish, clean the filter and its easier to take it off to clean the glass too. There are two ways to combat this problem. The first is to invest in an aquarium heater that has advanced electronics for the temperature control. The problem is that most heaters in this category do not fit in the pump section of the Spec. The Eheim Jager is a great example of one that does offer better reliability and control, but unfortunately does not quite fit in the Spec V. You have the option of plain white, which is nice, or a two LED blue night time effect, which is futile if I'm honest. It's the only letdown of the whole kit, so I don't use it. Do I sense a wave of these new, longer-shaped tanks hitting the market? I hope so because I love them. This tank has just become my latest project, but what I'm doing with it is top secret — for now. Oh, you'll also need to scout about before you find the light switch. On the side of the LED strip is not the most obvious position.

Key Features

First of all, you should be looking for a submersible heater; one that can be fully dunked. Aquarium heaters are predominantly of this type. Second, if it comes with suction cups for mounting, strongly consider not using these. It is generally too tight to get the heater mounted with them on. When you shove the heater down into the pump section, it will get wedged somewhere between the glass and the outlet tube. Again this would be planted around to make a better look than just the sand but you should get an idea from these layouts. My advice at this time is to mess around with what you have already. Then settle on a layout you like.

The technical answer to this is that depends on many factors: how much internal heat gain from your equipment/lights, how cold you keep your house, what temperature you keep the aquarium at. However, if the aquarium is controlled by a thermostat, you can oversize a bit and cover a wide range of conditions.

Fluval Spec Aquarium 19L

I've also seen so many different aquarium companies recommending different wattages for different gallons. The general consensus seems to be 50W for the Spec V however reading your comments I think you might be right.. always better to be safe than sorry! Would you recommend just a 25W for keeping a Betta in 5 gallons? I live in Melbourne Australia, not sure if that helps give everyone an idea of the weather Then used some bubble wrap to pour the water over to avoid disturbing the setup I have (This is my top tip for filling your aquarium!).

I used some more wood to plug the holes where the soil cam down. I was than ready to add the plants. Then add a fish. I don't need many...probably only 1 or 2. The tank is small and I don't want to overload it anyway. I just want something swimming to look at other than shrimp. Less fish also means (hopefully) less fry get eaten too. It is tempting to oversize your heater, but remember, aquarium heaters do not fail "off" they fail "on"...so you put a 50W heater in a 5 gallon tank, which is total overkill, and in five or six years when that puppy fails you have betta soup. There is no need to modify the tank to disperse heat. The Fluval heater will fit in the compartment with the return pump, and therefore the return pump will draw the warmed water into the tank. If you poke holes in your return compartment, you are going to draw water in through those holes because of the suction of the return pump and you'll be bypassing the filter. For a betta, that tank is just fine the way it is, and very well designed. If after a last minute Christmas gift, or a first time tank with a little versatility, this is the one to ask Santa for.

How to Remove the Pump from a Spec Aquarium

Use a clean cloth and just water, rinse out and clean over the tank thoroughly. Rinse over the filter sponges and replace them as they were. Step two – Setup the filter Ultimately it's your choice. I feel the Fluval is worth the price, as most things in this hobby tend to be. I know a lot of people struggle with the age old question of what heater fits into the compartment of the Fluval Spec V (5 gallons). I would love to hear from owners who have successfully fit a good quality heater into the compartment and been able to heat up the water accurately and made sure it remained stable. Finally, if you are not going to spend the extra money on an external controller or a model with electronic controls, consider selecting a heater that is slightly undersized. This will at least lessen the carnage if it fails ‘on’ and will give you more time to notice the problem and react before things get out of hand. I would also love to hear people's opinions on which wattage to use for a 5 gallon tank such as this and what they've found worked. I am housing one Betta fish so the temperature needs to be around 26 degrees celsius (between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit). Ive heard people use both 25 and 50, but 50 sounds like the safer option. Once again I'm not sure!

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