None Dare Call it Conspiracy

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None Dare Call it Conspiracy

None Dare Call it Conspiracy

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The majority of the book is spent on showing how agreements made behind the scenes since the beginning of the 20th century have reduced our freedoms and gradually eroded our constitutional limits on government. And he still doesn't see (or at least doesn't admit) that there's an ethnic group working as a collective! On the right, between Center and Anarchy (far right) would be varying degrees of limited government, such as the constitutional republic given to us by our US Constitution.

It is a bit dated, but the concepts haven't changed just the individuals and stories he tells about.

Americans are slaves, plugged into the matrix, if you have a feeling the news you hear every day is not complete, biased, or just flat out lies, then this book can help you unplug. But he doesn't mention that the vast majority of the individuals involved in his conspiracy are Jews.

Seriously though, I picked it up because it had an endorsement on the back by "Ezra Taft Benson, former Secretary of Agriculture," which made me pay attention. It must be remembered that the first job of any conspiracy, whether it be in politics, crime or within a business office, is to convince everyone else that no conspiracy exists.Wells continued his work after Allen's death, assisting his widow with the publication of his newsletter of political and economic analysis.

This book is a great way to get started on this journey of discovery as it is short and simply written; you don't need to be a History major to understand what is discussed! David Rockefeller, president of the Chase Manhattan Bank and chairman of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations, took a vacation in the Soviet Union. He contends that there is a four-step process by the Establishment's Power Elite which includes: (1) Establishing an income tax system as a means of extorting money from the common man / (2) Establishing a central bank, deceptively named so that people will think it is part of the government / (3) Once established have the bank be the holder of the national debt / (4) Then run the national debt, and the interest, sky high through wars (or other sorts of deficit spending), as seen starting with World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam.They love their satanic secret societies such as 33rd degree freemasons, skull and bones, Bilderbergers, bohemian Grove, 9th circle, Jesuits, Knights of Malta. Eventually it will be necessary for the people and organizations named in this book to try to blunt its effect by attacking it or the author. If you look into it, you will discover that ever since the 1960's, every Presidential administration- Democrat or Republican- has had a large percentage of CFR members on their staff. Allen spends a few chapters building up all of the straw man arguments needed to smooth over the holes in his logic. Gary Allen proposes what I think is a far more useful framework for looking at political philosophies: He places "total government" on one end of the spectrum (with communism, fascism, and similar approaches of complete government control grouped there; today you could put Islamic theocracy there too, such as what you see under ISIS).

It was distributed through to millions of Americans and helped create the conditions under which the 'Reagan Revolution' of the 1980s arose. As a student, Allen majored in history at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and studied as well at California State University in Long Beach. The personal attacks tend to divert attention from the facts which an author or speaker is trying to expose. Despite the fact, that some chapters in this book are dedicated to tons of details of events and names of Nixonian era (why should I care about political games of USA 50 years ago though I‘m not a citizen of USA) still this book gives you the big picture of processes and movements behind events in international politics where USA (at least in 20th century) played the major role.After the initial publication that I read years ago, I recently reread the book and see that all he has said is coming to pass. Many details are given in a historical narrative that, if true, would alarm anyone who loves this country. Run the national debt, and the interest thereon, sky high through wars (or any sort of deficit spending), starting with World War I.

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